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365 W 2nd Ave. Suite 100

Escondido, CA 92025

One America Plaza

600 West Broadway, Suite 700

San Diego, CA 92101

858 775 7754

760 877 8000

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Simba Helmi / Chief Happiness Officer

Our offices & Experience

We have two offices, one in Downtown San Diego and another one in Downtown Escondido. 
With a combined total of more than 20 years experience, our team members can provide you the best service possible. We are bilingual and will be able to resolve the most complicated issues!


Sandirent Property Management Company provides  real estate rental and lease services in the County Of San Diego & Riverside, California! We manage properties from Sanisydro border all the way to Temecula for our clients.
Most of our attention is in residential units but we do have a small group of commercial clients as well. Our management services does NOT just end up collecting rent and advertising your property for rent. We have a group of contractors that can provide you 24/7 emergency services for any maintenance calls we receive from tenants! We are able to pay your utility bills if you would like. You will receive your rent hassle free after all deductions have been made. We can speak English, Spanish and Farsi. We strive to provide you the best service possible and make sure you receive the utmost out of your investment.

How Does it work

We will advertise your rental on Zillow, Craigslist and MLS, other sites will automatically pick up the information from these major sites!
Our phone number on the advertisement is a cellphone so we can answer calls/texts as much as possible! Any inquiry that comes in, we can provide them a rental application via email or personal delivery. We do a background check to make sure they do not have an eviction on their record.

After Finding The Right Tenant

We use a California Association Of Realtors rental agreement form for all our tenants including other necessary disclosures. All these forms will be explained to potential tenants to make sure they understand everything and most of the time we ask for wet signature as long as they are available. If they request for electronic signature we can accommodate as well.

During Rental Terms

Our cellphone is always ON to make sure all calls are answered for any issues. We have a crew of plumber, electrician, painter and other sub-contractors to provide fast service. If there are any issues that need immediate attention to be clear we will notify you by text and wait for your response to move forward with the job.  If you agree we will pay the contractor after finishing the job and deduct the invoice from your next month rent so you don’t have to worry to pay by phone or mail the check.


If we don’t receive the rent we will notify you right away after the due date on the contract and make sure to give you our in-house attorney fees to begin the process of sending notices to your tenant. If you agree we will continue with the process, if not you can use your own method to give your tenant all necessary notices right away.
We’re NOT a big corporation! We are trying to do our job old school, this is a family business company and we want to make sure you and your tenant can contact us or see us face to face with any questions you might have.
Feel free for a fast response to call or text our cellphone at (858) 775-7754 or email us at